Who am I as a chef?



Who am I as a chef?

I believe in fire and water like religion. I believe that flavor is the violent contrast of extremes. I believe in grounded dishes that root in tradition but also in furious creativity. Food should be honest above everything. It should be made with love and desire.

Cooking is a dance. It’s like sex, either you are present or it doesn’t work. Food is science and ancient knowledge. It’s ashes and perfumes.

I drink from many traditions, from my roots in Europe to my travels in Asia. I get inspired by the immigration stories of my family, from Ukraine to Argentina, East to West. I cook in harmony with nature, honoring her, playing with her, talking to her.

My food is smoky and contrasted. I use fruits like one more ingredient. I ferment with passion to transmute flavors.

I travel the world in the search of new, different, surprising. I combine ingredients in a delicate alchemic balance.

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